How to Use LinkedIn for Real Estate Investing: The #1 Key to Success

A key to success in real estate investing is knowing how to use LinkedIn to your advantage. However, there are a seemingly endless number of factors that can impact your performance on LinkedIn. No matter who you are, it’s challenging to learn how to optimize engagement rates on the site. Really, it’s an art, not a science. It can take time to fully get the hang of it all.

 Luckily, we have some expert tips that can give you a big push in the right direction. Our property managers in North Virginia have years of experience marketing on LinkedIn, and we’ll show you the ropes.

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Timing Your Posts

If you’re wondering exactly when and how to use LinkedIn, there is a certain schedule you should follow as a key to success. You should post certain content at certain intervals to cement yourself as a standby of the community, as described below.

If this sounds daunting, you can schedule posts to be published in advance with third-party services like Hootsuite. In addition, you may benefit from testing out posts at different times of day to see when your audience is most active. Without further ado, let’s share some real estate business ideas you should use for perfect timing on LinkedIn.

Posts You Should Make Monthly

You should incorporate text, images, and polls every month. Images of people get eyes on your content, while text and polls keep them reading and interested.

Images of people perform especially well at capturing attention, while text and polls start engaging your audience. You can post about various topics and use the “Update Analytics” feature to see which topics your audience most enjoys.

Posts You Should Make Weekly

You should post articles and videos every week. This way, you can display your leadership in your industry through educational long-form content. Then, you can promote your biggest posts to spread your exposure.

Posts You Should Make Daily

Every day, you should host live events and post newsletters. This is because events build community on a large scale, and newsletters remind viewers of your online presence and establish you as an authority in the real estate industry.  This real estate business idea might seem like a lot of work, but persistence is the key to success.

Engagement-Increasing Tips

There are core strategies you can rely on to increase engagement on LinkedIn. By being an active member of your industry community, your brand can make strides to the top. Look at these real estate business ideas to get some food for thought.

Contribute to LinkedIn Groups

A key to success for how to use LinkedIn is to actively contribute to LinkedIn Groups. Here, you can prove your abilities as an expert in your field. LinkedIn Groups can expose you to people relevant to your professional pursuits. Then, you can benefit from groups that include potential connections and network with them. You can actively contribute to discussions, comment on other people’s posts, and share valuable content.

Sprinkle Questions into Your Content

People may be more encouraged to engage with your content if they can interact with it. A great way to do this is to pose a question that they can brainstorm an answer for. After all, everyone wants a platform for their opinions.

Another way to achieve this is by setting up an engagement pact with people who want to attract your customers for different purposes. You could comment on each other’s posts regularly. This way, you can both share your respective audiences.

Be Authentic and Show Vulnerability

People are wired to connect to others as human beings, not commodities. It will draw people to you if you show your full humanity outside of cold, hard business. They want to see a bit of humility, authenticity, and vulnerability. This is a vital key to success. Therefore, when you are transparent about your mistakes and lessons learned, you become more relatable and bankable.

Show Your Audience Glimpses ‘Behind the Scenes’

When something is shrouded in secrecy, it will naturally pique people’s curiosity. Because of that, when you give them a peek “behind the scenes,” that might drive engagement. For example, you could unveil a picture of a new house you’re flipping. Or you could share your handwritten activity guide and ask for feedback.

Give Others a Platform

People will be honored when you invite them to contribute to a post or as a guest expert on a topic. For instance, you could simply ask them about their biggest professional frustrations or tips for handling those frustrations. This conveys how much you respect their insights and perspectives and strengthens your relationship.

Also, it goes a long way to tag individuals and organizations to promote them. When you shout out to others and make them feel seen, they will remember that.

In addition, commenting and engaging with other people’s content will boost their reach and get their attention. When you show interest in others, they are more likely to notice you and reciprocate. This type of networking is a key to success.

Build Relationships Beyond Likes

It’s a good real estate business idea to build relationships with your network beyond the LinkedIn platform. So, you can jumpstart this by chatting with them off the platform, like email, Twitter, or even in person. By doing this, you cultivate a genuine business connection that can go far.

Offer Resources

When you upload free worksheets, templates, or best practice guides that users can make use of, this can make you stand out. You add value to other people’s businesses and show your authoritativeness in the real estate industry.

Consistency is Key

It’s your key to success to consistently put out content. This way, you are always in your audience’s orbit. They can know what to expect from you. You’re a reliable, constant online presence.

Help Professionals Stay Informed

Your posts should be educational and insightful for your viewers. LinkedIn members want to be in the loop about industry news and trends. So, you should post about the latest ideas and initiatives related to your industry. For instance, you could share innovative tips about fostering a work-life balance or myths in real estate that are out-of-date.

As a rule of thumb, when you repost content like articles or reports, you should include 1-2 sentences from your perspective.

Show Them a Day in the Life

Users want to get an inside look at what it’s like to do your job so they can see if that career path would be right for them.

So, one crucial key to success is influencing. This is about giving people a glimpse of what your daily life looks like as a real estate investor. Provide value with your insights about achieving advancement in the real estate industry. When you can, it’s a good real estate business idea to mention professional partners in your post to show legitimacy and increase visibility.

Professional Growth and Learning

Fellow industry members go to LinkedIn in search of professional advice, pointers in developing work-related skills, and products and services that make their work easier and better. To meet these needs, you should share tips on building your business, industry-specific skills, leadership skills, and problem-solving skills. For instance, one thoughtful real estate business idea could be sharing lessons on how to be an ethical real estate investor.

Furthermore, you can mention products, processes, and services that streamline your work. This content shouldn’t be promotional because people are looking for advice for themselves. It should be educational. Provide actionable steps that they can apply.

Market Your Property With BMG

When you post reliably and add value to your audience, you can make your mark on LinkedIn. You can influence the real estate industry’s cultural conversations and form meaningful connections.

If it sounds exhausting to put in the work in learning how to use LinkedIn on a pro-level, Bay Management Group can help. We have a built-in platform that markets your properties to qualified potential tenants. We can handle your promotional endeavors, so you don’t have to.

Not only that, but we can handle each step of the tenancy process for you, from the moment your tenant signs their papers to the day they move out. Time is money, and we can give you so much more of it. Contact us today to make real estate investing more efficient and effortless.


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