US TikTok Ban: The #1 Complete Real Estate Investor’s Guide

The US TikTok ban could spell disaster for you if you have an investment property.

The social marketing standby has been prime real estate for those in this industry for years. However, that well of revenue might be drying up soon. Next year, the US government is poised to outlaw the app millions of real estate investors use to reach potential leads. Luckily, there are ways that you can cushion the blow. Let’s delve into how this ban will affect investment property owners like you and what you can do about it.

Key Takeaways from this Article

  • Investment property owners should increase their activity and budgets on other social marketing apps in case TikTok is banned.
  • Contact your content collaborators to make sure your working relationship continues.
  • Create content on platforms you own, like your own website.
  • Squeeze all the value you can out of TikTok while it’s still here.

Table of Contents

  1. How the US TikTok Ban Will Affect Social Marketing
  2. What Investment Property Holders Should Do Next
  3. Why TikTok is Getting Banned

How the US TikTok Ban Will Affect Social Marketing

If the US TikTok ban stays, you might be forced to migrate your social marketing to platforms with different, fragmented audiences.

This may seem unsettling and overwhelming. However, as property managers in North Virginia, we can share how you can pivot your social media strategy for whatever happens.

What Investment Property Holders Should Do Next

You should have strategies for scenarios where the US TikTok ban happens and ones where it stays afloat.

If a US TikTok ban does happen, you should create a contingency plan. You also should be mentally prepared that this could impact your finances in the short term.

Have A Contingency Plan

It’s always wise to have a backup plan. So, investment property holders should consider moving to other short-form video sites, like YouTube Shorts, Reels, and Amazon Inspire. Should TikTok’s availability fall through the cracks, you can be ready to shift your budget and attention to other promising platforms. At worst, if the US TikTok ban doesn’t pass, you can sharpen your skills in responding to social marketing crises.

Stay in Touch with Collaborators

Furthermore, it’s important to stay in touch with your social media collaborators, like influencers, during the transition away from TikTok. This way, your real estate connections will know you want to continue your business relationship going forward.

After all, the US TikTok ban threatens your business partners’ job security. They will need your support to plan their futures. With this, they can keep you in their plans while they possibly move off to other ventures.

Diversify Your Outreach

You should make sure your content and social marketing strategy are diversified across various platforms. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Since the US TikTok ban may change your budget allocations, you should grab relevant usernames on other platforms before those names are taken. Then, you can experiment on these platforms to match what each app’s users like and dislike. For instance, there are strategies you can use to optimize your LinkedIn engagement.

This way, even when platforms change, your brand can maintain its online presence. When the next TikTok counterpart inevitably implodes, you can rest assured that you will weather the storm. It can be your safety net.

In addition, this social media strategy lets you spread the word with wildly varied audiences. After all, different audiences flock to different apps. For example, Facebook is known as an app for older adults, while Instagram is popular with millennials. By being active in multiple spaces, you don’t have to limit your reach to just one community.

Make Your Own Platform

When you diversify your offerings, you should place special focus on social media platforms you own yourself, like your website or newsletters.

You need to have complete control over some social media channels because they can be fickle and fleeting. This US TikTok ban proves this fact beyond doubt.

Yes, TikTok can offer investment property holders unmatched opportunities to succeed with social marketing. However, on the other hand, that success lies under a fragile foundation. Real estate industry-related technology is always evolving. Apps like TikTok can disappear or dip in popularity whenever you least expect it. Think of all the apps that used to be popular, only to ultimately fade away in obscurity, like Yik-Yak or MySpace.

In the social media space, nothing lasts forever. Nothing is certain. That’s why it makes a huge difference to have media channels directly under your thumb, ones that won’t change so easily.

Make the Most of TikTok Before It Goes Away

Before the potential US TikTok ban happens, there’s still plenty of opportunities for you to grow as a property owner. For example, if you want to advertise on the platform, now is a great time to do just that. As the social media stratosphere shifts, it might cost less to promote your portfolio there than before. Since TikTok is enormously popular with Gen Z, this could be your chance to connect with this demographic.

Why TikTok is Getting Banned

The US government decided to ban TikTok out of concerns about the foreign app’s impact on national security and user data privacy. Unless TikTok’s owner sells off the popular app to a U.S. owner within a year, it will be banned from app stores nationwide.

TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, plans to sue the government to undo this ruling. Still, the outcome of this case will stay up in the air for a while. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. No one wants to be caught off guard, scrambling helplessly when their big source of income shatters into pieces.

Let BMG Handle Your Marketing

You can be ready for the US TikTok ban if you diversify your app activity, invest in your own online channels, and take other no-nonsense steps to adapt to the times. This way, you won’t be lost in the shuffle as the app landscape changes.

However, if you just don’t want to deal with this mess in the first place, we can handle it for you. Our job is to market your properties. We even have a dedicated platform made specifically for this purpose. Even better, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We can take over many duties you would shoulder as a landlord, like tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance service coordination, just to name a few. Contact us today to put social media engagement and more off your list.

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