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April is National Lawn and Garden Month: Here’s How to Celebrate

It’s National Lawn and Garden Month, which means it’s time to clean up your lawn and break out your gardening gear. April is the perfect time to get outside, enjoy the nice weather, and improve the look of your lawn. So whether you plan on planting flowers, fruits, or vegetables, or want to learn more gardening tips and tricks, now’s a great time to start. Read along as we go over the history of National Lawn and Garden Month and learn different ways to celebrate. 


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What Is Lawn and Garden Month?

As the snow melts and summer slowly approaches, April is a great time to get outdoors and improve your lawn and garden. National Lawn and Garden Month is celebrated each year during this month, encouraging homeowners, landlords, and Fairfax property managers to enhance the look and health of lawns across the United States. 


Your lawn and garden go together; now’s the perfect time to beautify your home’s outdoor spaces. So, take this time to prepare your lawn and garden for the summer months to come by raking, fertilizing, pruning, and watering. 

National Lawn and Garden Month is important as it highlights the benefits of lawn care, including mental, physical, and environmental well-being. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity for communities to come together, celebrate the warmer weather, and admire the beauty of nature. 

Importance of Taking Care of Your Lawn

Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or tenant, taking care of your lawn and garden is essential. After all, the exterior of your home is the first thing most people see. But not only do you want to keep up with the aesthetics of your lawn and garden, but it’s also vital to your home’s health

For instance, a healthy lawn protects your lawn and soil from erosion. Some areas with a lot of snowfall experience lawn deterioration due to rain, wind, or runoff from snowmelt. However, knowing how to care for your lawn and prevent erosion can ensure a healthy lawn for years to come. 


One of the first steps to cleaning up your lawn this spring is raking up leaves and grass that didn’t survive the winter. Once you’ve removed the dead organic matter from your yard, you can aerate the soil so more air, water, and nutrients can reach the roots and produce fresh, green grass. Removing dead leaves and debris can also prevent pesky weeds from popping up around your lawn. 

From there, you can water, fertilize, and mow your lawn as usual to promote a green, healthy lawn. Remember to cut at the proper height for your type of grass, and avoid mowing too low to prevent weed growth and vulnerability to pests. 

Ways to Celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month

There are several ways to celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month, whether you’re an avid gardener or a beginner. So, join us as we discuss ways to better your lawn, garden, and the environment this April during National Lawn and Garden Month. 


  1. Plant a Garden
  2. Start Composting
  3. Visit a Local Garden
  4. Share Your Gardening Tips
  5. Enjoy Time Outdoors
  6. Attend a Gardening Class
  7. Spruce Up Landscaping

Plant a Garden

There are several reasons why starting a garden is beneficial. For instance, it allows you to exercise and spend time outdoors, which is excellent for your physical and mental health. Additionally, you can produce fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables for your family that are free from pesticides and chemicals. 

Furthermore, gardening provides an educational, hands-on learning experience for adults and children, giving more insight on biology and ecology, and the environment. Finally, planting a garden is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, benefiting you and the environment.  

Start Composting

Composting has many benefits. For instance, it helps reduce waste by turning food scraps and yard waste into a valuable resource instead of throwing it in the trash, which reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Additionally, it enriches the soil with nutrients, improving plant growth and health. 

Next, composting can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which harm the environment and human health. Finally, it saves money on gardening expenses by providing an accessible and natural source of fertilizer. 

Visit a Local Garden

Another way to celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month is by visiting a local garden. For instance, it can inspire you for your own garden and give you the opportunity to get gardening tips from other experts. Additionally, gardens are relaxing and peaceful, allowing you to escape the stress of everyday life. 

Visiting a local garden can also allow you to socialize with other garden lovers and develop a sense of community. Furthermore, it can be an educational opportunity for those looking to learn more about gardening and environmental conservancy. 

Share Your Gardening Tips

Sharing your gardening tips with other community members is a great way to spread environmental awareness and help others improve their skills. Additionally, you can build relationships and a community of people with shared interests, all while practicing sustainability. 

Ultimately, sharing your knowledge as a gardener can help you learn and grow as an outdoor enthusiast. You’ll also experience fulfillment as you help other community members with their gardening practices. 

Enjoy Time Outdoors

Any excuse to get outdoors is great, especially National Lawn and Garden Month. Going outside can provide numerous health benefits, like reducing stress, boosting mood, and improving immune function. 

Taking care of your lawn and garden gives you exercise and fresh air and can improve your mental and emotional well-being. So, take this time to start a garden, rake leaves, mow the lawn, and sit outside to admire the hard work you’ve put into your yard. 

Attend a Gardening Class


If you’ve wanted to learn gardening skills to grow your own food or flowers this year, what better time than National Lawn and Garden Month? Aside from just learning something new, attending a gardening class can help you meet other gardeners with similar interests. 

Additionally, it’s a chance to learn elevated gardening skills from experts throughout the community. Gardening classes can teach you about sustainable practices that reduce waste, conserve resources, and promote environmental wellness. So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn something new or more about gardening, find a local gardening class or an online course. 

Spruce Up Landscaping

National Lawn and Garden Month is a great time to improve your home or rental’s landscaping, which is beneficial for several reasons. For instance, it can enhance the look and value of your home, creating a welcoming and more attractive environment for prospective renters and visitors. 

Aside from beautifying your home and lawn, improving your landscaping can also improve the health of your property and the environment. For example, a well-maintained lawn and garden can reduce water usage, improve soil health, and create a better habitat for wildlife.

Maintain Landscaping With Property Management

National Lawn and Garden Month is a great time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, all while bettering your home. So, make sure you get outside this month, learn something new about gardening, and celebrate the warmth of summer creeping up. 

Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord with rental properties, outdoor upkeep is crucial to owning real estate. However, not everyone has time to complete landscaping, gardening, and general upkeep. As such, many rental owners hire property management to help keep things in order all year round. 

If you’re looking for comprehensive rental property management, look no further than Bay Property Management Group. Our team of professionals has the resources and expertise you want for your rental business. So, we’ve got you covered whether you need help finding tenants or maintaining properties. Contact us today to learn more about our services near Baltimore, Philadelphia, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. 

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