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14 Cozy Home Ideas: Creating the Perfect Cozy Apartment

Creating a cozy home can feel overwhelming when you already have so much on your plate. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve narrowed down the best ideas for a cozy apartment—especially a cozy studio apartment. Look below for some simple tips for turning your home into a sanctuary.

Main Takeaways

  • You can create a cozy apartment by focusing on lighting (like starry string lights), accent walls, textured and calming fabrics, and other simple-yet-effective ideas.

Table of Contents

  1. Throw Pillows
  2. Rugs
  3. Lighting
  4. Window Curtains
  5. Sofa Covers
  6. Layered Kitchen Linens
  7. Memorabilia
  8. Decor and Furniture Positioning
  9. Artwork
  10. Accent Walls
  11. Houseplants
  12. Hanging Lights
  13. Swing-Arm Sconce
  14. Seasonal Bedding

Throw Pillows

Textures add tons of warmth to your home. And there’s an easy way to incorporate them into your space: add a few textured throw pillows (or pillow covers) to your bed or sofa. Or, you could add a boucle, a wooly cable knit, or a soft velvet. As a property management company in North Virginia, we have found that those little tweaks go a long way to creating a cozy home.


Rugs can give your floors more character. Best of all, there are all sorts of ways to set them up. For example, you could settle for one, huge rug around a room.

As an alternative, you could scatter petite rugs all across the area. This way, you can weave all different shades and textures throughout. You could put them next to the bed, under the coffee table, on a chair, or wherever else you want.


Lighting sets the mood of your cozy apartment. Needless to say, you don’t want a fluorescent light overlaying the whole space.

Instead, turn to lighting that matches your intended vibe. If you want a place that pops with energy, go for bright lighting. On the other hand, if you want a soft, tranquil space, opt for softer lighting. Even better, mix it up and have different lighting in different sections of your apartment.

Window Curtains

Windows can play a role in your cozy studio apartment mood-setting. There are many varieties to choose from, like silky velvet ones, heavier ones, frilly ones, and more. This plays two roles: it will make your space more relaxed, and it will insulate your space from chilly air in the winter.

Sofa Cover

As an addition, you could cover your couch with a slipcover. This is an opportunity to cover a drab couch with layered textures and vibrant colors. For example, you could pick a soft blue cotton cover to give a mellow feel.

Layered Kitchen Linens

You have to use kitchen linens, anyway, so you might as well make it a style statement. For instance, if you have tablecloths, you could layer them, from shortest to longest, with subtle gradient changes in each layer. Also, you could layer your chair slipcovers or even your table napkins.

Overall, if you can cover bare wood, tile, or metal with fabric, it will liven up your cozy home.


Holiday cards and personal photos will make your cozy apartment more cheerful. They’ll remind you of the good times, of all the love and laughter in your life.

Decor and Furniture Positioning 

It can seem boring and dull when your wall spaces are limited and closed up. However, you can flip this from a negative to a positive. You can point everything in the room in one direction, in one focal point. Since the room is so small, this slanting will be immediately visible.

What’s more, you’ll be so focused on the expanse that leads to the room’s center that you’ll forget the room is tiny. This adds a sleek, visually busy angle to your cozy studio apartment.


There’s a visual trick you can take to make your cozy home feel bigger than it is: big art that’s high up on your walls. By bringing your eyes upward, the place will seem tall and vast.

Accent Walls

Just by adding a teeny bit of paint, you can add a splash of color. You can accomplish this by creating a removable accent wallboard behind your bed. To boot, this can mark the separation between your bed area and living room area.


You can bring the natural world into your cozy apartment. An easy way to do this is to bring in some houseplants. With these, your air will be cleaner, and your mind will be calmer. Even better, if you have the space, you could create a mini-garden!

Hanging Lights

If you’re concerned that lamps will take up too much space, there’s another option: hanging lights. These will add flitting beads of light across the entire area, like little stars. More importantly, hanging lights won’t take up any table or floor space whatsoever.

Swing-Arm Sconce

Another way to contribute lighting to your cozy studio apartment without stuffing too much in it is swing-arm wall sconces. These are much lighter than lamps. In addition, since they’re mounted to the wall, they take up less valuable space.

Seasonal Bedding 

Depending on the season, you’ll want different bedding. As an example, linen and cotton are great fits for summer, while flannels are better suited for wintertime. Also, you can switch up quilts or blankets to make a seasonal theme.

Find a Cozy Home with BMG

You can create the ultimate cozy room by adding hanging lights, textured rugs and pillows, houseplants, and many other staples.

But before you start adding these comfortable elements, you have to find the perfect rental. 

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